Guizhou Anjiu Opens a New Chapter, Standing at the New Start of the 70th Anniversary of Anjiu Distillery

                  Release Time:2021-12

                  Entering the last quarter of 2021, a number of flavored liquor companies in Guizhou have celebrated their 70th anniversary. Before there was "Glorious 70 years of Moutai", and now there is "Brilliant 70 years of Anjiu, Writing Bright Chapter with Fastidiousness".

                  On December 10, the 70th anniversary of the founding of Guizhou Anjiu Distillery was celebrated in Xishui, Guizhou Province. In this activity, the advertising film starring Jiang Wen, the spokesperson of Anjiu, was broadcasted for the first time. This micro-documentary witnessed the history of Anjiu and became a tear-shell for guests on site. And then the launch of 19510 bottles of limited edition wine for the 70th anniversary brought the celebration to the peak.

                  From a 24,000-ton Xiasha ceremony, to the 100-day campaign, to expert tasting, and then to the 70th anniversary celebration, Guizhou Anjiu is frequently showing its ambition behind the amazing "Anjiu speed". As one of the "Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou", Anjiu is making its famous wine brand to shine through a series of activities.

                  In 1951, the Guizhou Moutai Distillery was established in the same year of the founding of the state-owned Anjiu Distillery. Somehow, the Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou overlapped in time and space; In 1955, the first national liquor-making conference was hosted in Beijing. Anjiu participated in the quality evaluation along with a total of 36 representative samples from all provinces of China. Through blind tasting, three wines from Anjiu and Moutai distilleries successfully outperformed others in taste as the "Grade A Liquor".

                  The conference also officially built up the position of Moutai and Anjiu as the "Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou". Since then, Guizhou Anjiu has competed with Moutai on the same stage for many times, and has been repeatedly awarded the title of "Guizhou Famous Wine" in 1963, 1979, 1983 and 1986, becoming one of the "Eight Old Vintage Liquors of Guizhou".

                  Benefited from the title of the famous liquor, Anjiu rapidly reached the fast lane of development and in 1988, Guizhou Anjiu Group, China's first liquor group, was established. It constitutes a highlight for Guizhou Anjiu and a brand new beginning to fast develop. For four consecutive years thereafter, Guizhou Anjiu has been the first in both production and sales of liquor in China.

                  In the 70-year history of Anjiu Distillery, all splendent glories have been recorded one after another at all times. At the event of "Brilliant 70 years of Anjiu, Writing Bright Chapter with Fastidiousness", Anjiu's famous history and cultures were futher enriched on guests' memories by "Time Tunnel" and the micro-documentary, The Witness.

                  " I'll be a lifelong Anjiu person." These are the words of a senior Anjiu staff member in The Witness. After the live broadcast of The Witness was finished, all the guests stood up and applauded for the ingenuity and dedication of the old generation of Anjiu people.


                  By Virtue of "Fastidiousness" to Compete for the Flavored Liquor 2.0 Era

                  Given that the genes of Anjiu are composed by famous wines, then there is no doubt that the most core concept of it is "fastidiousness". "In the fermentation, you can't open the cellar not even a minute before the due time for a moment; in the staling, you can't open the vat not even a moment before the due time." Until today, the rules laid down by Zhou Shaocheng, the founder of Anjiu, are still being practiced by Anjiu people.

                  The principles of "five points of not begrudging", including "not begrudging on raw materials, not begrudging on cumbersome process, not begrudging on efforts when brewing, not begrudging on bad things when storage, and not begrudging on time", allow Anjiu to have the confidence to use quality as the bottom card to the market.

                  In his address, Su Zhuangqiang, chairman of the board of directors of Luen Mei Group and the Anjiu Group, said that the new generation of Anjiu people will make an all-out effort and multiple breakthroughs in four fronts: production area, production capacity, brands and marketing. Next, Anjiu will continuously accomplish vital goals such as ecological wine valley, production capacity release and cultural IP. It will also win the recognition of cooperative partners and consumers through the "five-devoted" of "devoted to brand, devoted to quality, devoted to capacity, devoted to culture, devoted to service".

                  Going forward, Su Zhuangqiang said that Anjiu Group would gradually achieve its long-range objective of becoming the "core premiere brand of Chinese flavored liquor" by constructing ecological wine valley, releasing production capacity and building cultural IPs, as well as carrying out other small goals.

                  At the ceremony, a dialogue titled "Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times, Together for a New Chapter of Anjiu" was organized, during which Zhou Xuecai, vice president of Luen Mei Group and president of Anjiu Group, said that the more praises we receive from the industry, the more responsibility Anjiu bears. Good times bring opportunities for liquor. Just as "Good dinner is worthy of waiting", it will not be late for Anjiu to enter the flavored liquor business, but more along with the trend.

                  What is good wine? According to Zhou Xuecai, good wine is firstly the famous wine and quality wine. As one of the Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou, Anjiu's quality has been greatly acclaimed by industry experts and consumers as well, already manifesting the strength of the flavored liquor.

                  To brew a good wine, and flavored liquor in particular, you should stay friends with time. Not every company can adhere to this process. If there are no precipitation of time and experience, and no determination to make friends over time, you cannot make a bottle of good wine.


                  With "Good Wine" to Witness the Development of New Bright Chapter

                  The past of famous wines, the present of fine wines and the future of good wines.

                  On the activity site, the TVC of Anjiu starring Jiang Wen was shown for the first time. Anjiu fully demonstrated the meaning of "fastidiousness" with its strength. The creative blockbuster with high specifications and high quality have been complimented by the media present. Some guests said that the advertising film will become another eye-catching work for Anjiu, as well as a hot topic in the industry when the blockbuster is launched.

                  In addition to Jiang Wen's blockbuster debut, the first commemorative wine of the 70th anniversary, which Anjiu had been preparing for years was also released. According to the introduction, the product adopted the high quality Daqu flavored liquor which was brewed in 2012 and stored in pottery vats for 10 years. It was carefully blended by the new generation winemakers of Anjiu, where every drop is specially aged. What's more, to mark the founding of the distillery in 1951, a limited production of only 19,510 single-batch bottles was produced, which was difficult to obtain against the demand of 600,000 tons in the flavored liquor market. Of these, only 12,000 bottles, or less than 3 tons, will be supplied to the market in 2022. In accordance with relevant data, the current market demand for superior quality flavored liquor amounts to 600,000 tons. As a result, this commemorative wine is greatly characterized by its extreme rareness.

                  What makes every bottle of good wine is the perseverance of generations of artisans' ingenuity; What makes every bottle of good wine is the accumulation of 70-year history; What makes every bottle of good wine is the glorious chapter of an enterprise's development; What makes every bottle of good wine is also the perpetual breakthrough in consumers' perception of good wine.

                  Standing at the starting point of its 70th anniversary, Guizhou Anjiu thanks to the market with a bottle of good wine: Abide by the "Five 100%" quality standards, it constantly enhances the distinctive connotation of the high-end and high-quality flavored liquor; through the good mouthfeel experience of industry experts, it confirms the hard strength of "Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou". It's believed that Anjiu, which is developing at high speed, seems to be within reach of its goal of becoming the "premiere brand of Chinese flavored liquor". 

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