[Entrepreneur Daily] Famous Movie Star Jiang Wen endorses Guizhou Anjiu

                  Release Time:2021-08

                  One is a famous movie star in the film art field, and the other is a brand in the flavored liquor industry. After the meeting between Jiang Wen and Guizhou Anjiu, as "Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou", Guizhou Anjiu has become more and more popular.

                  "I'm going to make wine and drink with you in the theater." Jiang Wen, a director, actor, screenwriter with distinctive personality, once said such emotive words.

                  Now, his expectations have come true. Guizhou Anjiu officially released that Jiang Wen has become its spokesperson.

                  This cooperation demonstrates Guizhou Anjiu' upsurge in flavored liquor market, its all-out effort in the quality and brand, and its determination to build the "core premiere brand of Chinese flavored liquor".

                  This is another heavyweight brand effort following the launch of "Anjiu Chishui Wine Valley" project and the Roundtable meeting of Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development jointly organized with Xi Jiu. Guizhou Anjiu conveys its brand strategy to the market that all Chinese customers will be familiar with the brand within half a year and it will be favored by consumers of flavored liquor within two years.


                  When Anjiu meets Jiang Wen, "long-termism" happens to coincide

                  Taking "Two Vintage Liquors in Guizhou" as its brand orientation, Guizhou Anjiu actively narrates its glory in the development history of Guizhou liquor as well as the profound brand culture and historical deposits attached to the products through various channels.

                  Guizhou Anjiu originated from "Anmao" in 1930. In 1951, on the basis of "Anmao" and a local distillery, the state-owned Anjiu Distillery was established, becoming the first batch of state-owned distilleries in Guizhou.

                  In 1955, the first national liquor-making conference was hosted, and 18 Grade A Liquors of wine with the highest scores were selected through blind tasting. For the brands in Guizhou, only Moutai and Guizhou Anjiu were selected. Since 1963, Guizhou Anjiu has been repeatedly awarded the title of "Guizhou Famous Wine" and has become one of the "Eight Old Vintage Liquors of Guizhou" together with Moutai. The development in nearly a century has created the thick texture of today's Guizhou Anjiu.

                  After entering the new consumption era, the flavored liquor is heating up. Guizhou Anjiu, however, chose to make a long-term effort. It takes root in the "core production area of flavored liquor along Chishui", and runs flavored liquor base in Tucheng town, Xishui County. It tries to be friends with time.

                  After the years of efforts, Guizhou Anjiu officially launched high-end flavored liquor represented by Guizhou Anjiu (classic) in 2020, and announced to invest 10 billion yuan to build "Anjiu Chishui Wine Valley". Guizhou Anjiu believes that flavored liquor is a long-term industry, which always requires the worship and long-term efforts.

                  This brand concept coincides with Jiang's strict approach to film.

                  Jiang released Let the Bullets Fly in 2010, Gone With The Bullets in 2014,and Hidden Man in 2018. It seems to be a "rule" for him to release one work every four years or so. Not many directors are willing to spend more than 1460 days on a single film in the industry requiring high investment and fast payback. It is because of his meticulous attitude that Jiang can always touch the audience, making him a legend in the film circle.

                  Now, it has been more than three years since the release of Hidden Man. Perhaps before long, audiences will enjoy Jiang's new film in theaters, and then they will also feel the long-term efforts embodied in Guizhou Anjiu.


                  When Jiang Wen meets Anjiu, they all pursue the ingenuity of high quality

                  As a matter of fact, both Jiang and Guizhou Anjiu adhere to the long-term efforts, which indicates the ingenuity of high quality.

                  Jiang will bring more "aesthetics" to Guizhou Anjiu. In filming In the Heat of the Sun, Jiang Wen was meticulous to the direction of the thread on the service cap. In Hidden Man, when Li Tianran featured by Eddie Peng jogged on the Golden Gate Bridge in the US, the top of the bridge was still under construction. Someone who looked up the Golden Gate Bridge's construction history found that it was built between 1933 and 1937, and that the scene took place in 1936. Jiang can even make such a fleeting shot so rigorous and accurate.

                  Jiang, who has his own unique aesthetic appreciation and pursuit of film style, once said in an interview that films should be like wine. And even if it is short, it should be like wine.

                  Regardless of wine or film, it provides immersive experience. Only the ultimate quality can firmly attract consumers.

                  Guizhou Anjiu firmly believes that "seizing the opportunity of the era of consumption upgrading require better quality experience. It takes time to make flavored liquor, so we should keep calm. Only the basic liquor reserve and quality is well-prepared, our enterprise can realize steady and long-term development."

                  The requirement for quality is genetically inherited in the blood of Guizhou Anjiu. "In the fermentation, you can't open the cellar not even a minute before the due time for a moment; in the staling, you can't open the vat not even a moment before the due time."

                  In 1930, Zhou Shaocheng strictly complied with the ingenuity standard when brewing "Anmao". Now Guizhou Anjiu not only takes over the mantle from him, but also has further upgraded the standard.

                  Over the years, Guizhou Anjiu has always adhered to the 12987 traditional flavored liquor technology, including one production cycle a year, two times of grain, nine times of cooking, eight times of fermentation and seven times of taking wine. The wine is brewed strictly in accordance with the four seasons. Distiller's yeast is made during Dragon Boat Festival and Xiasha is finished during Double Ninth Festival.

                  On this basis, today's Guizhou Anjiu takes five "100%" as the guarantee to create high-quality flavored liquor, that is, 100% brewed on Chishui Riverbank, 100% using red tassel glutinous sorghum, 100% using 12987 ancient Daqu flavored craftsmanship, 100% made in vat jars for 5 years, and 100% Anjiu's own original brewing.

                  Thanks to the persistence, Guizhou Anjiu has been awarded a series of honors in recent years, including the first batch of " Guizhou Time-honored Brand", "China Well-known Trademark", "Chinese Flavored Liquor· Annual Good Flavored Liquor", "New Leading Enterprise of Flavored Liquor", "T20 Enterprise of Flavored Liquor", etc.


                  Anjiu and Jiang Wen's corporation is an alliance among giants

                  As a figure in the China's art field, Jiang has recorded the youth of a generation in China and the ups and downs of those years on films. Meanwhile, Jiang has been praised as a man who "stands up while making money" in the Chinese-language film industry. He is also very selective about his brand endorsements. He turned down tens of millions of yuan in product placement for Let the Bullets Fly because he worried that the attention may stay outside the story.

                  In recent years, it is not uncommon for celebrities to endorse liquor companies. It is a cooperation between giants of the liquor industry and film art circle for Guizhou Anjiu and Jiang Wen.

                  There is a saying in the flavored liquor industry that tonnage determines status. For flavored liquor enterprises, production capacity is of great significance, and even an important representative of their brand status and market status. For this reason, many flavored liquor enterprises have expanded the production to occupy advantage in the future competition.

                  In the past years of efforts, the expansion of production capacity was an important goal of Guizhou Anjiu. Up to 2021, Guizhou Anjiu already has nearly 20,000 tons of flavored basic liquor reserves made with Daqu, and has achieved an annual output of over 20,000 tons of high-quality and high-temperature Daqu, ensuring 100% self-sufficiency of Daqu for liquor making. In the Double Ninth Festival this year, Guizhou Anjiu will also use 20,000 tons of glutinous red sorghum for Xiasha to achieve an annual output of 12,500 tons of quality Daqu flavored liquor, which will further consolidate its position in the industry.

                  The construction of "Anjiu Chishui Wine Valley" strengthens the confidence for Guizhou Anjiu to expand its production capacity. According to the plan, the valley covers an area of more than 1500 mu with a total investment of more than ten billion yuan. After completion, it will possess 30,000 tons of the wine production capacity, 60,000 tons of starter, and 180,000 tons of wine storage in vats, helping Guizhou Anjiu to become the "core premiere brand of Chinese flavored liquor".

                  With the increasing production capacity, Guizhou Anjiu is also constantly improving its "tonnage" of its brand in the flavored liquor industry, and has set the following goal that all Chinese customers will be familiar with the brand within half a year and it will be favored by consumers of flavored liquor within two years.

                  Just before announcement of the spokesperson, Guizhou Anjiu and Xi Jiu jointly hosted the 2021 Roundtable Meeting of Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development in April this year. The comprehensive strength of Guizhou Anjiu and the important position of Guizhou Anjiu in the flavored liquor corps are all reflected behind the signing with Jiang Wen as the spokesperson and the organization of such a high-level industry event with Xi Jiu.

                  This year, Guizhou Anjiu has fully launched the brand construction project. The announcement of the spokesperson is an important step to start the brand campaign. Next, Guizhou Anjiu will carry out explosive brand promotion at both offline and online levels throughout China. (Source: Entrepreneur Daily) 

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